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Pre-School Educational Assistant (2019-2020) SY (2158)

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TitlePre-School Educational Assistant (2019-2020) SY
Posting ID2158


Roswell Independent School District

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General Job Description:

To provide opportunities for the teacher to attend to the individual needs of students.  To provide assistance in preparing our student academically, socially, and physically to become positive, productive participants in the 21st century.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Display a desire to work with students.
  2. Work as a member of a team.
  3. Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  4. Assist licensed personnel in school environment when individual differences are respected.
  5. Respond to students as individuals.
  6. Help maintain cohesiveness in school environment.
  7. Assist with supplementary work for students and supervise independent study in the school environment.
  8. Use current technology for instructional management needs.
  9. Assist in maintaining students’ involvement in appropriate tasks.
  10. Provide assistance with individualized program materials.
  11. May assist students with personal hygiene activities such as toileting, diapering, and other personal care activities for students PreK to 2nd grade.
  12. Assist the teacher in compilation of educational materials, bulletin boards, and work centers.
  13. Work under supervision of certified teacher(s), prepare for classroom activities.
  14. Work with small groups of students to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher.
  15. Assist individual children in need of special attention.
  16. Guide independent study, enrichment and/or remedial work setup by the teacher(s).
  17. Assist with reading and/or storytelling.
  18. Assist small groups of students in the library and other settings.
  19. Participate in in-service training programs.
  20. Contribute to the welfare and effectiveness of the classroom(s), the school, and the district by adhering to high standards of performance and interpersonal relationships.
  21. Report unsafe or dangerous surfaces and/or conditions in hallways, restrooms, playgrounds, entrances, and classrooms.
  22. May be asked to be in charge of the classroom for brief periods of time.
  23. Maintain confidentiality with sensitive matters.
  24. Be flexible and able to prioritize tasks and maintain accurate and detailed records.
  25. Report to work on time and work no less than 7 hours per day.
  26. Work independently with very little supervision.
  27. Other tasks as may be deemed appropriate and necessary by your immediate supervisor.



  1. High School diploma or GED, additional education and/or training desirable.
  2. Possess or qualify for a New Mexico Level III Educational Assistance license.
  3. Valid Driver’s license and Car Insurance (if traveling from site to site.)
  4. Experience in school environment preferred.
  5. Demonstrate aptitude for the work to be performed.


Physical Requirements:

Sitting, standing, lifting and carrying (up to 40 pounds), climbing stairs, reaching, squatting, kneeling, having full mobility of fingers/hands, and moving light furniture may be required, unless ADA accommodations have been mutually agreed on and does not create an undue hardship upon the district.



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Safety and Health:

Knowledge of universal hygiene precautions (blood borne pathogens, body fluids, etc.)


Equipment/Material Handled:

Must know how to properly operate, or be willing to learn to operate, multi-media equipment including current technology as needed.


Work Environment:

Must be able to work within various degrees of noise, temperature, and air quality.  Interruptions of work are routine.  Flexibility and patience are required.  Must be self-motivated and able to complete job assignments without direct supervision.  After hours work may be required.  May work under stressful conditions on occasion.


Terms of Employment:

Salary and work year to be established by the Board


Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$16,324.00 - $18,458.00 / Per Year
LocationParkview/Early Literacy Center

Applications Accepted

Start Date01/30/2020

Job Contact

NameAnabel BorundaTitleHuman Resource Specialist