A $44.00 background check is required upon offer of employment. A $125.00 license fee is required upon offer of employment.


Roswell Independent School District

Job Description






General Job Description:

Under direction of Assistant Superintendent for Special Services, provide psychological educational student evaluation to determine individual student need in compliance with state and federal regulations.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct evaluations and re-evaluations to determine exceptionality.
  2. Prepare diagnostic reports to include summary of pertinent pre-diagnostic information, summary of tests administered and results, student strengths and weaknesses and suggested areas of appropriate intervention, complete minimum of 65 evaluations per school year.
  3. Manage resources, i.e. inventory of supplies, materials and equipment.
  4. Attend Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings, parent conferences, teacher conferences and in-service training.
  5. Communicate with parents and staff; provide assistance and support for students in a variety of educational settings including consulting with SAT/RTI facilitator.
  6. Maintain information relative to educational assessments, state and federal regulations and district requirements and competency level relative to diagnostic procedures.
  7. Collaborate with other professionals as appropriate.
  8. Promote an environment/climate conductive to productive performance.
  9. Plan for and manage the resources for which he/she is responsible, including personnel, finances, facilities program, and time.
  10. Communicate accurately and effectively.
  11. Use supervision, staff development, and performance evaluation to improve the program of the district.
  12. Demonstrate leadership.
  13. Demonstrate and understanding of political theory.
  14. Comply with all School Board policies and administrative regulations.
  15. Complete all necessary paperwork.
  16. Acquire permission to test.  Administer appropriate test.  Interpret the results of each instrument administered in terms that can be understood.
  17. Knowledgeable about each criteria requirement for every exceptionality.
  18. Knowledgeable about New Mexico State standard for special education/use of Team Manual.
  19. Explains program levels, services available for the student and makes recommendations that will help the student reach his learning potential.
  20. Be available to meet with parent, staff or administration.
  21. Attend workshops and in-service, to stay abreast of changes in standards, assessment strategies, and research findings.
  22. Drive from school to school.
  23. Maintain confidentiality with sensitive matters and treat people with respect and dignity.
  24. Work with a wide variety of individuals in a highly stressful environment.
  25. Be flexible and able to prioritize tasks and maintain accurate and detailed records.
  26. Communicate in well-organized oral and written forms.
  27. Be able to maintain a neat, functional office that is inviting but professional, safe environment.
  28. Report to work on time and work no less than 7.25 hours per day.
  29. Work independently with very little supervision.
  30. Maintain mental capacity which allows the ability to make sound decisions and demonstrate intellectual capabilities.
  31. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactory.
  32. Other tasks as may be deemed appropriate and necessary by the immediate supervisor, the principal and/or the Superintendent.


Supervisory Responsibilities:




  1. Must hold a current NM Public Education license and National Board Certification for Educational Diagnostician.
  2. Valid Driver’s license and Insurance.


Physical Requirements:

Sitting, standing, lifting and carrying (up to 40 pounds), climbing stairs, reaching, squatting, kneeling, having full mobility of fingers/hands, and moving light furniture may be required.


Safety and Health:

Knowledge of universal hygiene precautions.


Equipment/Material Handled:

Must know how to properly operate, or be willing to learn to operate, all multi-media equipment including current technology.


Work Environment:

Must be able to work within various degrees of noise, temperature, and air quality.  Interruptions of work are routine.  Flexibility and patience are required.  Must be self-motivated and able to complete job assignments without direct supervision.  After hours work may be required.  May make site visits when needed and appropriate.  Must be able to work under stressful conditions.


Terms of Employment:

Salary and work year to be established by the Board.