Roswell Independent School District

Job Description






General Job Description:

To prepare and serve nutritious, attractive, tasteful food for students and school staff.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Organize schedules for food preparations, serving of meals, kitchen and dining area clean-up.
  2. Assign jobs to food service staff.
  3. Maintain sanitation procedures and logs in all areas.
  4. Pass State Environment Inspections.
  5. Complete required logs and/or paperwork with accuracy and timeliness.
  6. Make daily bank deposits.
  7. Operate Point of Sale Computer.
  8. Follow all HAACP guidelines.
  9. Attend all required training programs pertaining to food safety.
  10. Order groceries, check-in deliveries and store groceries.
  11. Keep all Temperature Logs for coolers, freezers, and dry storage.
  12. Maintain inventories on food, non-food and equipment by keeping accurate and detailed records.
  13. May be required to substitute for cashiers.
  14. Communicate/work cooperatively with colleagues, supervisors, administrators, parents, and vendors.
  15. Know what to do to successfully complete assigned work and possess organizational skills.
  16. Follow district policies and administrative rules and regulations.
  17. Maintain confidentiality with sensitive matters.
  18. Be flexible and able to prioritize tasks.
  19. Report to work on time and work no less than 8 hours per day.
  20. Work independently with very little supervision.
  21. May be required to perform other related duties/functions as assigned by your supervisor.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

Instruct and supervise all food service workers assigned to kitchen.



  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Must meet all city, state and district licensures and/or certifications as required.
  3. Have School Food Preparation Experience.
  4. Valid Drivers’ license and Car Insurance (if traveling from site to site)
  5. Knowledge of computer systems, including data bases and word processing programs.
  6. Knowledge of Food Service Safety and Health requirements.
  7. Basic mathematical, reading and writing skills.


Physical Requirements:

Sitting, standing, lifting and carrying (up to 40 pounds), climbing stairs, reaching, squatting, kneeling, having full mobility of fingers/hands, and moving light furniture may be required, unless ADA accommodations have been mutually agreed on and does not create an undue hardship upon the district.


Safety and Health:

Knowledge of universal hygiene precautions (blood borne pathogens, body fluids, etc.)


Equipment/Material Handled:

Must know how to properly operate, or be willing to learn to operate, multi-media equipment including current technology as needed.


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Work Environment:

Must be able to work within various degrees of noise and temperature.  Interruptions of work are routine.  Flexibility and patience are required.  Must be self-motivated and able to complete job assignments without direct supervision.  After hours work may be required.  May work under stressful conditions on occasion.


Terms of Employment:

Salary and work year to be established by the Board.